Will Smith tells his children that he was Surprised when an Emancipation co-star SPAT in his face

Will Smit is finaly opening around an unrehearsed moments in his new movie, approximately 9 month after his infamous Oscar slapp of Chriis Rok.

On Monday, the 56-year-old actor emerged in a preview for a season premiere of his family’s Facebok Watch serie Red Tabe Talks, the very first time that he takes over all the Red Tab from his woman Jad, with the full serie premiering on Tuesday.

The Oscar winner, who was passed over by the Golden Globs for his performance in Emancipation, disclosed to his kids Trey, 31, Jaden, 29, and Wilow, 21, that an unnamed actor SPT in his face for an incident.

Will Smith claims that while filming ‘Emancipation,’ an actor drop on him. ‘As the decades have passed, I’ve become more and more engrossed in such personalities for progressively longer period of moment,’ Smith began.

‘It’s just the mass of this tale, the load of the these experience — the caliber of these performers. It was mentally, biologically, and existentially challenging,’ he went on.

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