Woman amazed by little dog’s disappearance

This is Gem, an ambitious dog who isn’t afraid to get dirty while going on adventures outside.

But, recently, Gem’s acceptance of therefore less side of life occurred in more than simply a little clay on his neck.

Gem went a little way over the top that day, clearly not long after the grass was mowed. Instead of simply inhaling the lovely flavours of fresh green sod outside, he decided to go one step further and basically implement it into himself.

Gem turned completely green after a few excited massage and turns. Gem clearly had no regrets. As a result, the usually fair skinned dog began to imitate a Muppet.

«We weren’t awaiting to see a green dog,» Gem’s owner said. «But he was completely green.» But, for good or bad, he did not remain that way indefinitely.

Luckily for Gem, the grass will continue to grow and will eventually need to be mowed once more. He’s probably only just looking for another romp around — and the chance for another transformation.

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