Woman discovers unsocial rooster having a nap in strange places

Garcia is the biggest lover of naptime. The 3-year-old rooster could sleep whenever and wherever he wants, as long as he can put himself away from his mother’s close watch.

In fact, Garcia has turned bedtime into a game similar to «Where’s Wright?» by sending everybody in his family on a game to find his hiding spot.

According to his mother the unsociable animal prefers to nap in peace rather than be found.»Garcia enjoys napping.»

«And he likes to nap in unusual places.» He enjoys tracking flies, which sometimes gets him trapped while he tries to figure out where they went.»

«When he wanted to sleep, he used to hide his head,» Randa explained. «He’s always been odd and is usually upset when I finally woke him — he tries to sleep again.»

«Normally, it only takes a few minutes to discover him, but he occasionally wanders off and falls asleep.» These wait times can last up to 50 minutes.»

He simply has an unique personality that we have grown to love and accept.

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