Woman notices an unusual animal and reaches out for assistance just in time

It’s exhausting to be outside for even a few minutes on a warm summer day, let by itself for the entire day.

That’s why, when a Bystander saw a strange animal lying on a sunny hill for 3 days, she realized that something wasn’t right.

«At first, she considered the animal was a coyote.» But as the woman came closer, she realized she was staring at a dog.

The woman identified the dog from several posts published by neighbors who had seen it in various locations over the past two weeks.

With the rising temperature and the dog still unwilling to leave the hill, the woman asked help from Hal.

After a while, the dog realized Hal was there to help. «Every time I went down there to check on her, she started wagging her tail,» Hal explained.

«She was aware that I was present. She was beginning to believe in me.» Hal was finally capable of getting close to the dog to communicate to her, but she escaped.

No one in the area knows where dog came from, but Hal believes that the dog had been there for some time, maybe her entire life — based on her actions.

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