Woman panics after ‘Losing’ cat, then discovers her hiding in open view

Snoki isn’t one to hide in strange place, but she does enjoy a good sleep, and her choice occasionally causes a commotion.

Briana, Snoki’s mother, had just begun feeding the animals and had called to Snoki to inform her that it was ready to eat.

Snoki usually comes operating immediately, so her mother was concerned when she didn’t.

«I called her for 3 minutes and then got worried because our patios door was open, so I was expecting the worst,» Briana explained

Briana called her partner in a panic as she screamed for Snoki — and then she noticed her hidden..» «I burst into laughter because she was right close to my head.»

Briana couldn’t assume she’d missed Snoki’s apparent yet stealthy hiding spot and had to snap a picture to remember the opportunity.

She chose to put the picture on the internet, thinking that others would enjoy it as well, and it suddenly turned into a very difficult «find the missing felone» game that many people tried to answer.

All Snoki just want to do was nap, but rather she provided a fun game for people to play on the website.

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