Woman saves dog but has no idea she is saving more than one life

Luca didn’t have a forever place, and the loving pup’s situation was declining; they needed her to find a place to live.

Fortunately, Nency was on her way. Nency knew what she had to do when social care notified her about Lcna’s situation.

Nency, the owner of animal rescue, was puzzled when she noticed Luca, an energetic 9 years shepherd, appeared to be pregnant.

She got Luca to the vet, where a xray confirmed her doubts. Luca was not only pregnant, but her pupswere due any day.

Nency suddenly prepared her home for the pups’ arrival and ensured Luca had everything she required to remain healthy until the end of her pregnancy.

The pups arrived after 2 weeks. When Luca gave birth, Nency and her family were surprised at how many infants she’d been carrying.

Despite her youth, Luca has already demonstrated that she is an excellent mother. She has no challenge ensuring that all of her pups have enough to eat while remaining cheerful.

«She’s been amazing,» Lucie said. «I’m incredibly proud of her.»

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