Worried senior dog shines when he discovers stranger is his favorite person

Zodiak was careful not to approach the passerby in his home too fast as he examined him.

The senior pup has begun to have recollect difficulties in his old age, with some things taking him a little longer.

Melissa, having grown up with Zodiak since grade 9, returned to see her family. The dog’s careful attitude shifted as he placed his head in her arm, his entire body flapping with delight.

«Because we no matter how many years with my parents and can’t visit as frequently as we would like, he sometimes forgets about my brother and me,» she said.

«It was just remarkably heartwarming when he realized it was me.» Zodiak was rescued by her family when he was only 8 months old.

When Zodiak became confident enough to disclose his lovable, unusual character, it became clear that he was the missing ingredient in her family.

Though it’s difficult for her to admit that her beloved pet is growing older, she’s grateful for times like this. It may hold him a little longer to figure it, but Zodiak still recognizes his best friend when he gets her.

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