WWE legend Koko B. Ware, 69, has been hospitalized due to medical issues

Legend Koko B. Ware is fighting ‘undisclosed health problems’ in the clinic.

The 69-year-old star, who was entered into the Motown Man’s Hall of Fame in 2008 after a 9 run in the corporation that ended in 1995, is getting treatment in Missouri.

He, is currently admitted to hospital with undisclosed health problems at a clinic in Missouri,’ according to a comment from the Wrestlers Collection distributed by Koko’s official Twitter page.

‘Come with us as we hold Koko safe.’ The Wrestlers Catalogue describes itself as a company that creates «product life experience for iconic wrestlers» on Tweet.

On social networks, people expressed their love for the nearing retirement star.

‘Best of luck to the Bird Man,’ one individual posted on twitter, while the other one added, ‘Prayers for the Birdman’.

‘Prayers for Koko and his relatives this festive period’, wrote a third follower.

In WWE, Koko was known as The Birdman because he came to the ring with his signature sky and yellow parakeet named Frankie, who fluttered and danced both before and after his matches.

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