Years later, the bear recognized a man who had raised and cared for her as a child. Her feelings are simply priceless

There is an extensive untamed life care focus in New York and that is where the child bear Sonya arrived.

A man named Jonathan took up the nursing of Sonechka, who was taken part in her childhood, played, took care of and, surprisingly, rubbed her belly, which the child was essentially more than happy with.

Nonetheless, then the conditions changed and Jonathan needed to change his occupation and he was unable to come to the middle for a seriously prolonged stretch of time, while Sonya turned into a grown-up, gorgeous and solid bear.

A couple of years after the fact, Jonathan chose to visit the middle and perceive how Sona is doing there.

Luckily, we figured out how to make several efforts from this staggering second, which were subsequently conveyed online.

As it ended up, the clubfoots can likewise be thankful and recall individuals who once saved them forever.

From a big and considerable hunter, Sonya turned out to be sweet, kind, bright and fun loving, very much like in youth, since she just couldn’t be in any case with Jonathan.

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