You’ll be shocked to learn what happened to the guy after he lost his dog

Unconditional love between human and animal.

He couldn’t handle the loss of his dogs, who greeted him every day when he returned home or said goodbye when he left for work; his neighbors had been saddened by the poisoning of his pets for a few days.

A man between the ages of 45 and 50 from Puebla, Mexico, made the decision to end his life as a result of his grief. Relatives discovered him tonight.

Despite enlisting the help of Civil Protection emergency medical technicians, they were powerless to help because the man’s vital signs had vanished.

Municipal Police officers were the first to arrive on the scene to close a part of 26 North Street between 12 Poniente in Tehuacán’s San Rafael neighborhood.

This shows us that genuine love, kinship among individuals and creatures can be. we used to realize that animas are caring animals.

They become acclimated to individuals and go through days with them. Yet, having a proof that genuine sentiments can be so profound between them is unequivocally fantastic.

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