You’ll be surprised by a retired Novosibirsk resident’s photos and style of life

Present day retired people know how to have a good time as well as youngsters — they take striking and funny photographs, unafraid of joke and judgments. This is precisely exact thing Olga Simonova, resigned from

Before her retirement, Olga filled in as a medical caretaker in a territorial emergency clinic. After her retirement, the Siberian started to effectively investigate the Internet, and she especially valued the different satire gatherings and spoofs.

In the wake of noticing crafted by others, she started to make and in some cases even make her own.

Olga Simonova said she had an excellent of humor and chosen to begin, and understood that she was doing great.

She plans her own spoof photocaricatures and the lady’s mom, Valentina Ananiev, 81, assists her with making pictures and cosmetics.

Olga trusts that her mom’s recommendation on clothing and beauty care products for new photographs helps her a ton and gives her smart thoughts.

Obviously, she doesn’t manage without her different fans, and what could we at any point manage without them?

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