You’ve never witnessed such a strong and genuine bond between a dog and a cat

While began bringing doggy for strolls close to her back home she saw they had a charming little shadow chasing after them.

Nelly says: ‘They’ve been companions since the time we took Bob for his first stroll at four months old. Right away, she would follow us yet just from a good ways.

‘She would follow for the entire walk, regardless of whether we strolled into March itself, which is 20 minutes away. At first, we thought she was keen on us, not our canine.

‘Then we began to let him out in our nursery, and she would leap off the fence and begin playing with him. They go around and stroke one another. That is the point at which we understood she was keen on Bob.

‘He truly cherished the consideration, and they’ve been indivisible from that point onward. She’s in our nursery consistently.

‘They’ve become increasingly close as time passes. Occasionally she’ll remain in the nursery day in and day out.

‘She will constantly call around each day since he will go out to meet her and they do extends together. I joke it’s their day to day yoga.

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