50 Cent asserts he was «offered $1,000,000 to publicly support Donald Trump.»

50 Cent claims he was offered $1 m. to back Donald Trump in the latest US presidential race.

While Trummp was the President of the US, he was set to somehow be changed in the White House by Joe Bidn after the Democratic presidential nominee loses the election.

In a statement about the vote, 50 Cent, real surname Curtis Jackson, asserted that he had been offered $1 million (£774,000) to openly support Trump and his candidacy.

‘They provided me $1 million to go to Trump’s speech,’ the 45-year-old rap artist said on iHeartRadio. They offered $500,000 at first, then increased it to $1 million when I was still unsure whether or not to accept.’

50 admitted he regarded the proposal but ultimately declined because he was worried he was being manipulated by Trump.Once 50 said he didn’t want Trump or Biden to come in between pair, Chelsea offered to cover for the Power star’s taxes in exchange for him to ‘arrive to his senses’.

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