A cat travels 45 miles to find families he lost during a resettlement

Kelsey’s son curled up an orange cat Hat Baby for months, hoping that his actual cat, Elliot, would return.

What the boy didn’t realize was that Elliot was just on his way, walking approximately 45 miles to reunite them.

The Smith family was preparing to relocate from Woodbridge to Middletown when they discovered their cat had gone missing.

They took the difficult decision to leave without him after a thorough search, promised to return and look for him.

«We understood exactly we had a little time to keep coming back to the old house to look for him.» «We’d return every saturday.»

When the Smiths finally sold their house, their optimism vanished. They were planning for a frank discussion with their kid.

Then, unexpectedly, a familiar set of ears showed up in their garden. A microchip check at the vet later determined what the family already suspected: Elliot had magically discovered his way home on his own.

Oliver can eventually be happy after such a long road now that he is safe in his new place. His family may not ever know how their clever cat discovered them, but they are grateful.

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