A courageous veterinarian saves animals in Ukraine and transports them to a safe location

A veterinarian from Poland alongside a gathering of individual workers, has chosen to help creatures from Ukraine.

Thus, he coordinated a salvage undertaking to the adjoining nation, to help whatever number creatures as would be prudent.

On each excursion, the van that transports them is loaded up with creature enclosures and food supplies. On account of this, he has saved around 200 felines and 60 canines from Lviv.

Jakub plans to embrace the dwarf goat with leg issues, who is called Sasha and was protected from Lviv when she was just two months old.

Likewise, the middle will get a wheelchair for the 7 year-old canine.

As indicated by Jakub, the association intends to purchase one more emergency vehicle and transform a pizza joint into a safe house to have the creatures protected, while setting them in a long-lasting home, so it urges individuals to take on.

Jakub and his group have worked really hard and have buckled down, yet they know that there are as yet numerous creatures in Ukraine that should be saved straightaway.

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