A crazy wellness cruise on wheels: If you cruise and cycle every day, you will explore Croatia in a completely new light

Within a week of what seems to be an eternity of pedaling up the hill with just the noise of my whimpering breaths for company, I’m acutely aware of a wobble of cheers and applause.

Staring up, I see my bicycle pals, who have already reached the emblem of this creature hill (OK, it’s a hill, but it’s taken on Evereest-like ratios for me), standing by the side of a road, applauding me on for the final stretch.

It’s a heartfelt contact that helps make the climactic moment of the twisty seven-mile climb up 1,500ft on the Croatian island of Hvar all the more satisfying — especially when I take in the breathtaking views.

The sprint across the other side is even nicer. ‘It’s not a racial group,’ says our bicycle guide Vania as we drive like ghosts into the chung port town of Hvar, where we will rejoin our three phase yacht Princesa Diana.

We are halfway throug with a week-long biking tour of the stunning Dalmatian island, which are dispersed like valuable jewel in the Adriatiic Sea.

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