A family discovers an abandoned kitten that  settled down next to their yard

Tease was only three weeks old when her family discovered her left in the midst of the night in a field.

It was freezing and rainy outside, and she clearly needed their assistance; as shortly after they brought her inside, they knew she was supposed to be their cat.

«I had returned home early from a sporting event at my brother’s high school and was having a conversation to my mother when we noticed meowing.»

All we discovered in the field was a tiny black element, so we went up the fence and discovered Tease.» The family covered her in a soft blanket, gave her some formula, and promised to help her recover.

Tease’s family took her to the vet, who said she was fine. She has no health causes or anything.

Her unexpected appearance is most likely the result of birth defects or the effects of being forgotten as a kitten. Tease, aside from her capabilities, is just like any other cat.

She enjoys playing, follows her family around, requires area at times, and frequently believes she is a human instead of a cat.

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