A good dog steps in to help his friend get independent

It’s easy to see why a cute story has been making the social media rounds in recent weeks.

It perfectly captures friendship at its best. A dog is seen chewing through a choke chain to free another dog who is chained up next to a house.

And, thankfully, the liberator dog’s endurance reimburses off. «My girlfriend was about to give Bob a bath,» Yaez explained.

«The only time they’re on a choke chain is when we stroll them or bathe them.» We use it to keep them from running and getting dirty while we’re trying to wash them.»

Though Tayson’s liberation of Boby put on hold bath time, Yaz couldn’t help but admire the pup’s thoughtfulness toward his companion.

«I was quite surprised,» Yaz said. «They then went and played.» They were overjoyed to be back together and having fun.»

Tayson and Bob have been great pals since Yaz and his girlfriend adopted them, so it should come as no surprise that not even bath time can separate them.

«They spend their entire time together,» Yaz explained. «They’re great friends.»

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