A helpful Chihuahua teaches a special needs brother how to step

Meet Marino, a lovely rescue canine who enjoys teaching the universe about wildlife prosthetics by taking self assured walks.

Marino was only a month old when he was discovered on the side of a Greek highway. He and his sister were resting on a pile of trash, and he was lacking a paw.

Marino’s rescuers initially believed his missing paw was a genetic disorder, but the scars on his leg speedily disclosed that it had been removed.

Marino was transferred from Greece to an experienced loving family in Germany to obtain the best medical care for his leg.

Pin knew that implementing a special needs dog might be challenging, particularly since she already had 2 dogs at home, but she didn’t let that stop her.

«I was in adore with him from the beginning,» Pin said.

Marino was took home by Pin, who presented him to his new siblings, Juju and Arora. Juju and Arora, like Marino, had unfortunate beginnings, and they instantly formed a bond with their new brother.

Aside from watching after each other, the 3 dogs enjoy teaching each other valuable skills and trickery and spending time together.

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