A helpless, hungry dog sleeps on the roadside until a kind woman offers to assist

When a shelter got a call about a canine sleeping on a quiet street during a warm spell, they politely requested that the caller send them photos of the dog so that they could better evaluate how to assist.

«The dog was napping in the picture this individual sent us.» «It was difficult to tell, but it appeared that you could see his thighs.»

So I knew it was absolutely worth a look.» Locman arrived on the scene fast but was unable to locate the canine. «I saw him lying on the road,» Locman explained.

As Locman came closer, she noticed how poorly the dog needed assistance.»He was quickly placed in a foster home,» Locman said.

«When a pair saw his video, the lady told her husband, ‘That dog should never be kept in a sanctuary.’

So they arrived and took him.» Curly is enjoying his new foster home, where he has 2 loving parents and a dog sister with whom he enjoys playing.

He’s finally started to gain weight, and his identity has really progressed in his new place.

«His foster family are totally in love,» Locman said. «He converted to be the most adorable boy ever.»

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