A high school student stops the car to help a small animal whose head is stuck in a cup

Bal’s son said he wished to stop the car, but she didn’t consider him serious.»I assumed he was kidding.»

But the decided youngster would not be stopped.

The boy realised a creature with his foot resting in a bowl through the passenger window and realized he must help.

On there own way to the child’s inter exercise, the couple noticed the animal struggling on the road.

A content Bal shot shows the skunk having problems: Bal was obviously concerned about what would happen if her son was in contact with an incredibly dirty animal.

«I was afraid he’d be squirted,» Bal explained. «I didn’t believe he was serious… till after he opened the door to leave.»

The boy closely pulled the cup away from the skunk, and the little creature was happy to be free.

Fortunately, he was able to do so without scaring the skunk. The skunk, possibly sensing that the boy was doing him a honor, simply kept down the road.

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