A lost dog walks into a police station to report her «disappearance»

Lately, when this lovely dog got lost near her house in England, she chose the ideal place to seek assistance.

She just walked into a near police station and reported (in her own unique way) her own disappearance.

«You can see her arriving the doors before moving in and taking a place in the doorway,» Gloucestershire Police said in a statement.

«Wonderful dog!» It’s unknown how long Rose had been missing, but once she made her feelings clear to police, it was only a matter of time once everything was put back together.

«Our personnel obtained some water for Rose and quickly became fast friends with lots of fuss,» police wrote.

«Fortunately, she was wearing a collar, and there was a note available to contact Rose’s owner, who was overjoyed that she had been found safe and well.»

Rose’s challenge abilities have received her a lot of online admiration, which she fully deserves. However, the police may have put it best. Now she is with her family and enjoying the life.

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