A loving new family adopts the dog who survived being thrown from a truck

After being thrown out of a moving car by its owner, Bella found a loving family. She was abandoned by the roadside, but fortunately, a passerby witnessed the incident.

The 18 month old dog was happy to be alive.

After being treated by her veterinarian, Gil and her husband Ray, who live in nearby Maidstone, welcomed Bella with open arms.

The dog was originally named Freya, but was renamed by her new family. She says she is «really happy» in her new home and «always wagging her tail.»

Rescuers were surprised to find that the sand-colored terrier was not seriously injured after the operation.

After hearing the dog’s sad story, Gil was heartbroken and immediately tried to save Bella.

“We have a trainer who helps us because we find it difficult to meet other dogs,” she said.

«But she has been through so much that we know it will take her time to realize that she is safe now.

But this summer, the number of calls has risen to her 144,000 a month, and reports of atrocities have risen to her 8,000 a month.

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