A man in Ukraine loads kangaroos and other animals into his vehicle and transports them to safety

A van carrying ten kangaroos from a Ukrainian zoo has been rescued and is travelling away from Kharkiv.

A volunteer and animal lover decided to utilize his truck to provide a safer and more pleasant existence for them.

Indeed, even in the video you can see a couple of kangaroos having all the earmarks of being having a contention on the extreme left, with one smacking the other right upside the head.

Amidst this turmoil, something positively takes a couple of grins. From that point forward, it has turned into the primary mission of the zoo, to save however many creatures as could be expected under the circumstances.

And that is, as they insist, all life, whether human or creature, merits battling for. his salvation. Also, luckily, many individuals have connected with offer a little assistance in this cycle.

Many others have been saved thanks to the efforts of staff and rescuers.

Despite the fact that evacuating the turtles, which weighted more than 100 kg, was a difficult undertaking, they were successful thanks to teamwork.

The park is doing everything it can to save the remaining creatures, but it will be a difficult task.

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