A man reunites with the dog he rescued two years ago and is amazed by her transformation

At some point, Kieran was strolling along an ocean side with a companion in Bali, when it began to rain.

Hedley saw a little canine asking for help. He realized she needed help.

His heart broke for little guy.  With assistance from Bali Paws, Air pockets got treatment.

At the point when the Coronavirus pandemic became desperate around two months after the fact, Hedley was stood up to with the hard choice to leave Bali.

He was unable to take Air pockets with him, so he began scrambling to track down her a long-lasting, cherishing family.

Hedley at last found a lady out traveling to Bali from her home in Italy who was excited at the possibility of having another companion.

The lady and Air pockets became familiar during the lady’s last days in Bali, and in the long run they got back to Italy.

After 2 years, he made a trip to Italy and rejoined with Air pockets, who promptly felt agreeable around her close buddy and started licking him.

«She motivates and transformed myself in an exceptionally certain manner,» he said.

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