A man sees Ukrainian dogs quietly waiting in line and later realizes why

Nate was walking through the streets Ukraine, when he noticed something that made him stop.

A group of homeless dogs stood in an equally square line across the pavement, all calmly waiting for their chance to eat.»I’ve never experienced anything like this,» Nate tweeted.

Nate has been deeply engaged in efforts to assist animals who have lost their homes, as a result of the current situation, which has evacuated over 5 million citizen to neighboring countries and over 7 million within the country itself, as reported by The BBC.

«We’ve seen a big in need of animal support,» Nate said. Numerous volunteers have already stepped forward to assist. However, the demand for funds and resources is still increasing.

«Food is in short supply in occupied territories, but also for vets and pets being evacuated from the forefront.» «Volunteers are putting their lives in danger by rescuing puppies.»

Ukraine’s people continue to face difficulties. People are seeing rare glimpse of positivity in the shape of appreciative homeless dogs, happy to see their return and thankful that somebody is searching out for them.

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