A mix of a cheburashka and a poodle. Goma was the name of a Japanese dog with pointy mouse ears

The proprietors in Japan had no clue about the sweet and lovable animal they would get from this surprising mating. They chose to meet a Butterfly and a Bolognese Maltese.

With its short and perfect coat and round and straight mouse ears, the canine seems to be an extravagant Mickey Mouse, deserving of an animation.

Associates call the canine thus, Mickey Mouse rich. What’s more, the genuine name to Pet Goma, which in an interpretation of Japanese means a sesame.

Sesame is presently 4 years of age and lives in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Its appearance is so charming and strange that number of individuals all over the planet might want to have one for themselves.

Assuming Sesame is wet, he doesn’t seem to be himself. It is difficult to remember it when it is wet. Sesame seems to be a combination of a poodle and a Cheburashka.

It is no happenstance that Cheburashka, an animation character, is so well known and cherished in the place where there is the rising sun.

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