A rare fish with a pointed ball and big teeth was photographed on a beach in the United States

A magnificent specimen has appeared the beach of San diego: a fish from the deeper parts with a mighty look. Scientists are perplexed as to how the ocean creature stopped up on land.

A San diego people made an unexpected creation. The man discovered a rising ocean fish that had been cast onto the beach. I mistook it for a starfish.

These fish can be found at depths ranging from 500 to 1,100 meters, where there is no natural light. As a result, the presence of fish on the beach raises a lot of questions.

The man initially thought a jellyfish had been thrown on the seaside. The Pacificl fish is just one of 400 fish species found in the depths.

His body is shaped like a ball. The fish’s skin is razor-sharp, its teeth are razor-sharp, and its eyes are tiny.

Scientists are baffled as to how the creature got to the coast because it lives in deep water and does not swim on the surface.What do we know if such fish have been seen before?

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