A Russian woman saved the lives of two lynxes, who now live at her home and get along with dogs

Russian woman has countless devotees on Instagram, however they are not watching the existence of the young lady herself, but rather her amazing pets.

She as of now has a cattery «Rice and Seven Hasyat», where two lynxes, three ponies and eight canines live.

Nastya took the lynx quite a while back. She got it from a fur ranch where these animals are reproduced as skin and fur for fur garments.

She named the child lynx Geralt. After a year, the young lady embraced another lynx, which she called Bun.

From the beginning, she was a little unsure that the lynxes wouldn’t coexist with her pets, as she was at that point holding canines, six huskys.

Anastasia claims that lynx propensities are something among felines and canines.

She had the option tnot to keep them surely, but she decided to save all of them and have abig family.

All creatures were happy and was ably to share the place. She did everything to make them all happy.

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