A senior dog in search of a home believes that age is just a number

Daisy went through her time on earth being adored and really focused on by a magnificent family.

Tragically, her proprietor created medical problems that left her unfit to appropriately focus on Daisy, and she had no real option except to give up the senior canine to the salvage community.

As a senior canine who had a home for what seems like forever, the change has been especially extreme for her, and everybody at the haven is trusting they can find her another home very soon.

She’s the ideal harmony between well grounded person and youthful on a fundamental level, and simply needs a family who will allow her an opportunity.

Daisy is searching for a home where she’ll be the main pet with a be gone family for in excess of a couple of hours all at once.

She can live with kids as long as they comprehend that she’s a senior woman who will require her space every once in a while.

Other than that, she’s searching for a family who can look past her age and see her for the unimaginable canine that she is.

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