A shelter with a lot of black cats implements a special plan to find them homes

Last spring, Cat Rescue received notice that there were nearly 20 cats lost nearby who required a home.

Once workers reached the scene, they discovered more than twenty stray cats and kittens, most of whom had black coats.

The cats were easily transferred to the shelter, where they obtained the necessary immunisations. Then there was the concern of adoption.

Employees were concerned that discovering homes for the kitties would be difficult because black cats are frequently overlooked at the rescue centre.

Roux isn’t sure why, but she’s noticed that black cats are less famous over and over again.

«We have a significant amount of difficulty adopting out black cats and kittens,» Roux explained. Roux realized they needed to carry out something significant.

She told her vet that she wanted to host an event specifically to help black cats get adopted, and the vet came up with the perfect name: a «Black Cat Bonanza.»

The event was a great success, and many of the previously ignored cats were soon on their way home with family members who were eager to care for them.

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