A stray kitten with nice eyebrows charms anyone she meets

When stray baby animals arrived center, the workers discovered something different about the animals. Fortunately, they understood precisely who to call for help — foster volunteer Rob.

Rob had fostered many particular baby animals and cats, but she never predicted such cute kitten to win her heart.

«The animal shelter lady emailed me a photo and cried that they have their first cat at the animal shelter.» «She asked if I was involved in cultivating because they didn’t have much room.»

Widge, the smallest of the felines, made an immediate impression on Rob, who agreed to foster them. «It was clear she was shorter than her siblings,» Rob said.

«She measured lesser than the other kitties and wasn’t rising at all.» Widge’s brother and sister were quickly adopted, but the small cat chose Rob as her new father and wouldn’t accept no as an answer.

«I knew I liked that happy face from the beginning, and I accepted her since I didn’t need anyone else to take her and then give up her,» Rob explained. «I will always love her.»

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