A very clever hyena teaches himself to walk on two legs

Cole, a wildlife photographer, has spent a long time photographing many remarkable wild creatures in Kenya. But one in unique holds a special place in his heart.

A hyena who has lost usage his legs has learned to walk just using his front legs. Cole was concerned about the hyena, when he first saw it. Cole finally learned that the hyena was doing just fine.

Hyenas are incredibly resilient animals, and it is not unusual for them to recover quickly from injuries.

Cole said, «Normally, you feel incredible mercy and sadness.»

«But the more you think about it, the further you understand he’s an achievement, and you begin to feel really grateful of the condition and of all of existence and its adaptability.»

Cole believes the hyena forgotten its accessibility about a year ago. The defined animal can still cover long journeys.

Cole made a post «The more time I get to devote with this hyena, the more I am very much in amazement of his amazing individual.» Despite, it’s clear that even if he’s not using all of his legs, he’ll be fine.

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