A very special new father is found for a stray ‘Fantastic Dog’ left in a field

Remli’s life did not begin out well. He had been abandoned in a field alongside her sister and mother. She needed some luck and a lot of love.

The rescue center stepped in to save the cute pups, and Remli found her lovely home — with a star — in a couple of weeks.

Remli’s father said «There were 8 pups and their mother and they were rescued approximately 2 weeks later.»

«Despite having a dog of her own, an amazing foster took in the mother and all 8 pups.»

Lewis stated, «When Lee sent me photos of Remli and her tale about becoming abandoned, I knew I had to take her right away.»

It’s been the most wonderful year of our lives — she’s a fantastic dog.» Lautner stated, «There are so many fantastic basic foundation and shelter available today.»

«I encourage more people to go to a local animal center and adopt if they are ready to make the next move to becoming a pet parent.»

«I wish I might live my life mostly like Remli.» «You can see how grateful and enjoying shelter pets are. It’s a very special bond.

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