A well-known image of a dog rescuing sheep from a wolf

In the event that we don’t realize which kind of fir it is, we are drawing nearer to the issue; they were brought up in Tigka.

Tigka additionally prohibited the product of kangal to protect the beginning of the assortment, which made it very uncommon in the United States.

They are for the most part used to keep crowds brush in the roads of bumpy locales, where wolves and other san gs ues are normal.

They will guard their groups, regardless of whether they should leave their lives there.

This is the manner by which they can be important for this entire and their nature doesn’t push them to be unpleasant.

As for the situation, they Kangal reserve the option to stop their gatekeeper party of the animal.

They are not creatures that can be secured in a crate or essentially left in the yard without protecting themselves.

They become restless on the off chance that they are not as expected prepared.

Good to go and on the right ground, these exceptionally cognizant and free canines can become merciful gatekeepers who love their «crowd».

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