A worried stray dog rejoins with the rescuer who drove hours to save him

Ruff wandered a distant work area for days before being discovered. He was scared of people, so he stood back and watched as a dog rescue volunteer tried to gain his trust.

Ruff and Murry have paired up, showing their amazing bond. The man drove for hours back to the rescue to ensure Ruff’s safety and separation from the streets.

«However, once he made friends with the dogs and felt safe, he completely settled in pretty quickly.» «It was just the most adorable thing,» Zinler said.

«Around then, Ruff had come out of his shell and was meeting people, but it was evident that he known the friend who had fed him.»

He wagging his tail, touching and cuddling as close as he could.» But after a while, it was time to go. Fortunately, the pup recovered quickly.

Ruff could not be adopted by him, but he was embraced by a loving couple. And the former animal found his happy home in July.

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