After a long period, an elephant and a veterinarian suddenly met. It was incredible that the elephant knew him after all these years

Pai is an elderly elephant who lives in eastern Thailand’s forest.

The elephant was treated in 2008 when he was critically ill, and it had been 12 years since he had been treated; the delightful animal remembered the veterinarian who had treated him at the time.

When Pai saw his close buddy, he quickly loosened up his trunk to welcome him and contact the vet’s hand.

The contacting experience figured out how to be recorded on camera. The elephant was experiencing trypanosomiasis and was moved for treatment to the Forest Industry Organization.

In the wake of getting treatment for his circumstances, a while later he was delivered into the timberland.

A couple of days prior while doing a few watches nearby, Dr. Alex had the option to perceive the hints of the elephant that he met 12 years prior.

The veterinarian made a few signs to the elephant and promptly it moved toward the man and they interfaced for a couple of seconds, he is certain that Pai remembered him.

Elephants are perceived as the authority creature of Thailand and their protection and care is vital.

It is assessed that there are somewhere in the range of 3,000 and 4,000 elephants all through the nation, where a big part of this number live in nature holds and the other part are tamed.

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