After being missing for 5 years, a small dog jumps into his mother’s arms

Pare didn’t notice the people next to him firstly. The little dog hadn’t seen them in 5 years, but as eventually as he recognized them, he leapt into his mother’s breast and refused to leave.

«He begin to identify them and then just wanted to be kept.» «It was the most wonderful feeling in the entire world.»

Macy, a member of the Missing Animal Group, was looking for another lost pet when a camera he’d set up to look for dogs alerted him that Pare had wandered onto one of his traps.

Macy explained, «I watched the camera and noticed the 2 little eyes rolling up into the trap. I brought him home and fixed him into my office.»

Macy soon found himself happy as Pare and his family were reunited.Pare’ mother was amazed to find her furry friend back in her arms.

She told Macy that Pare had managed to escape while remaining with a family friend for a short time, but she never gave up hope that he’d come back one day.

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