After being rescued by Ukrainian troops, a Russian-abandoned war dog switches sides

For several months, the war in Ukraine has intensified and thousands of people have defend their country.

Obviously the creatures have also been very supportive throughout this process, many of them have been working alongside the Ukrainian soldiers to save the lives of many civilians and boost the morale of their fellow humans.

Within everything that happens daily among the Ukraine, a new recruit and perhaps the most unexpected of all has managed to attract the attention of thousands of people around the world, a former companion dog of the Russian soldiers who has «changed his side» after being rescued by Ukrainian troops.

This is Max, a 4-year-old dog, who was at the begininng part of the Russian soldiers.

The animal was by Ukrainian soldiers and has since been trained to understand Ukrainian and is now a specialist at sniffing out booby traps and unexploded mines.

The truth is that the troops were surprised to see the animal abandoned to its fate; not only was it something inhumane, but they also consider that war dogs are valuable, they are already perfectly trained and as usual have a strong bond with their companions. Apparently,

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