After having its tongue stuck in a can, a polar bear asks for assistance from people

It is interesting for polar bears to wander near people, so occupants were at first watchful when the wild creature cushioned past homes.

However, it before long arose the animal was in pain.

It had looked for help from the people: a metal can from inside its mouth. The tin appeared to be completely wedged over the polar bear’s tongue.

Occupants attempted to no end to help the bear before they had to surrender. The bear can’t eat or drink because of the tin, and that implies its a test of skill and endurance to save it.

‘We’ve arranged 50kg of fish for the bear to help its recuperation.’ Svetlana Radionova, top of the government administration for oversight of normal assets, added:

‘A youthful polar hold on for a dense milk metal can trapped in its mouth came to look for help from individuals in the town of Dikson, in the north of Krasnoyarsk district.

Everyybody was happy to helop the bear and make him feel good.

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