After learning the true reason for a dog’s separation from her family, your heart will be broken

Ren and Maya frequently go on hikes in the mountains, and they are occasionally separated by a few meters, but they always reunite a few meters later.

Maya’s father assures her that her memory is flawless, therefore he lets her off the leash because she does not flee.

Ren recalls that a minor storm was brewing. There was nothing unusual about it; it was just very windy.

Ren returned to her car and remained there until dark, hoping to retrace her steps and get back on the road.

By that time, the storm had intensified, the wind was howling, and there was a lot of snow falling. It was too risky for him to stay with her, and he had no choice but to leave her.

Ren quickly requested assistance from the local community via his Facebook page, and the response was overwhelming the next day.

Endeavors to find the canine proceeded Ren started to lose trust as they actually look at the lower part of the bluffs, in the event that she had run off the edge during the tempest.

Luckily, Ren got a call that somebody had seen Maya. Maya was saved!

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