After settling into a new environment free, rescued monkeys embrace

Chasca was left away from her family.

In any case, Chasca had a fortunate getaway when she was held onto by the country’s Central natural life and Animal Int. authorities.

The animals have been taken care of by the group pof people and they have been transferred by road, air and stream.

Chasca should be visible embracing Fausto, who AD safeguarded as a child from an eatery in Peru in 2014.

Chasca’s name means ‘awesome star’ if you translat it from Quechua language. The Head of AD, Jan, has said the 2 animals’ records ‘bring us trust and light’.

‘Gets away from like Chasca’s continuously bring us trust and light, realizing that we can win and make one more stride towards a superior world for creatures.’

Cremer mentioned: ‘This is simply aspect of the work that group attempts in Latin America, uncovering creature enduring, taking issues to light, tying down regulations to safeguard creatures, and protecting many creatures.’

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