Akon wished Nick Cannon to continue having kids, as he is expecting his 12th child

After lately greeting his 11th child and declaring the 12th is on the way, Akon has tried to defend Nick Canon against arguments that he ‘can’t be there’ for each of his kids.

Nick, 43, has 6 diferent moms for his children, including Maria Careey and Mis Universe entrant Britany Bell, and recently opened up about the guillt he fels for not being able to spend enough time with them all.

However, raper Akon, 48, a father of nine children himself, has now come out in suport of the Masked Singer US host.The Lonely effort by the management was questioned on The Zeze Mils Show: ‘Do you agre with Nick Cannon and his expanding of his grain?’

‘1000%, I agree with him 1000%,’ Akon reacted. That’s how it’s supposed to be in life. So why not? He’s wealthy and fully acountable.

‘He wants to take care of each of those chilldren, as well as the baby mothers, and they suffer for nothing while they live very comfortablly.’

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