Alex BOSHOFF: Angelina Jolie will obtain a key FBI document into THAT private jet incident with Brad Pitt

It’s the holiday season, but there’s no detente in Angelina Jolie’s 6 quarrel with ex-husband Brad Pit.

Jollie, 48, it seems to be pursuing Pitt, 59, through an unnamed law suit filed by ‘Jane Doe’ against the FBI, which probed an accusation fracas between the two on a private jet in 2017.

Pitt has been charged of spilling red wine and beer on his ex-wife and their children, as well as beating up them on the plane, which he disregards.

The FBI explored the accusations, but no charges were filed.The incident’s details first became open in October of this year, when an Information Freedom court document became open, and the end state is finally in glimpse.

The FBI has agreed to provide Jolie the files from its inquiry by the end of this month, according to new court papers obtained by this article.

During a latest status meeting, lawyers for ‘Jane Doe’ contended that she had been denied ‘competent trauma care psychological counseling to address injury incurred.

They went on to say that she required the data in order to get ‘constitutional immunity’ from her husband.

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