Amazing story of a Canadian who spent 25 years taking care of raccoons

He has been managing raccoons in the backwoods close to his home for a long time. For raccoons, their two-legged «father» is a genuine gift.

The man lives in a genuinely segregated region where there are not very many individuals, so he isn’t worried about the possibility that that raccoons will upset neighbors.

All things considered, James gives them all that they need. James and his significant other began dealing with raccoons and felines. They used to take care of creatures in winter. In 2003, Blackwood’s better half left.

Beforehand, she requested that her significant other keep really focusing on the creatures and her older mother.

«I regarded his desire and dealt with raccoons, felines and his mom for quite a while. Notwithstanding raccoons, I have two felines, however they never go out,» — says James.

The man has his own channel where he posts fun recordings on his striped «pretty much nothing».

His followers effectively proposition to help him, including monetarily, yet he obligingly declines, recommending that they rather make a gift to a creature security administration.

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