An abandoned kitten approaches a woman’s door and asks for help

Little Nugie lacked a personal family. The 2-month kitten traveled far and wide in search of a person to take care for her.

Then, someday, when she was too tired and starving to continue, she happened into the exact right person’s life and chose she should be the person who help her — and she wouldn’t admit «no» for an answer.

Nugie’s final plan managed to work — the house owner noticed her and took her inside to keep her safe until a local shelter could arrive.Mary and her team acted quickly to take Nugie into their medical services.

And, despite a few minor health issues to begin with, things are getting better.

«She’s good and healthy,» Mary said. «She prefers to play a little more than cuddle, but she’s still very cute.»

The lovely kitten is now searching for a forever home where she will never be alone. Contact Detroit Cat Rescue if you want to adopt Nugie or one of her friends.

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