An elderly cat with matted fur who resembles a dinosaur is looking for a new permanent home

A destitute feline who was safeguarded from the roads with tangled bunches in his fur, is presently searching for a family.

Brio was observed meandering the roads alone with tangled bunches of fur along his back, which made him seem to be a dinosaur.

Fortunately, the more seasoned moggy was taken into the consideration of public pet foundation Blue Cross, where specialists tidied him up and assisted him with feeling improved.

Presently cut, prepped and washed, Brio is residing at a rehoming focus in Burford where he is searching for another home, however unfortunately he has not gotten a solitary application, regardless of being a #1 among staff.

The group Brio is being disregarded because of his age, however he simply needs a comfortable, warm place where he’ll be showered with adoration.

‘We don’t know how long he had been distant from everyone else and meandering the roads however he’s an extremely sweet kid with such a lot of adoration to give.

He partakes in his food and loves to twist up in a decent warm spot.

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