An individual puppy searches for his owner’s hair tie and creates his own game

Semi has always been a really fun-loving character, but she is also very independent and enjoys playing alone.

She knows exactly how she needs to get things done and doesn’t need others to get in the way.

Semi jabbed her head out of the cabinet and snatched a hairpin. Pope saw no mischief in her playing with him and didn’t respect it. All things considered, he was only a scrunchie. How would she be able to truly manage it?

Much to her dismay that that barrette was going to prompt the development of Semi’s number one game in the entire world.

Semi saw that as assuming she got the fastener with her paws and pushed it up with her nose, the barrette would take off. Then, at that point, he could pursue the scrunchie, get it, and rehash everything over.

Semi has huge loads of scrunchies that have a place exclusively with her, and a great many people don’t actually accept the degree of her fixation until they see it for themselves.

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