An undesirable kitten was taken from a neighbor by a Tyumen girl. His cat has now achieved a Russian record

In 1997, a youthful mother from the Tyumen locale got a little cat that her neighbor was conveying in the carport — he would have rather not kept it at home. Elvira Chanieva, 20, had feel sorry for on the cat and took it in.

In the first place, she took the new relative to the veterinarian, who said the cat was solid and didn’t require clinical assistance. Notwithstanding, it later turned out that it was a feline — so we needed to call it Dashun.

From the outset, the proprietor took care of her feline with dry food, however at that point, when other youthful showed up in the family, we needed to change everybody to natural food, it was the most efficient choice.

Elvira thinks the feline is currently 24 years of age, yet when she requested to be remembered for the Russian Book of Records, Elvira said her age was 21 and 9 months old, the veterinarian said.

Today, Dashaun is recorded in the book as the most seasoned Siamese feline in Russia.

Dashaun is presently alert and solid, so he gets each opportunity of breaking the American record.

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