Angelina Jolie proudly displays her slender figure in a bubbling black gown and wears stylish sunglasses while out with her son Knox in L.a.

A.Jolie was noticed wandering the streets of L.a. with her 16-year-old son the day before Xmas Eve.

With her film star former Brad Pit, she has Knox, his twin sister Viviene, and 4 other kids.

Angelina donned a bubbling black sweatshirt ensemble and a shining piece of matching sunglasses for her newest outing.

Angelina divorced Brad in 2015, but the couple has been embroiled in a bitter custody case that is still ongoing.

She acused Brad of spousal abuse, and after the FBI shut their research without charging him, Angeliina prosecuted the agency anonymous online for supporting paperwork underneath the Right to Information Act.

‘Brad and Ines are officially a couple now,’ according to a Us Weekly origin, adding that ‘they truly enjoy being with one another and are having a fantastic time in the initial stages of a current relationship, but are still learning about one another.’

In the meantime, Angeliina, for whom Braad famed dropped Jenifer Aniston in 2006, has not apeared in any public appearances since the breakup.

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